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What do the Chiefs look like at QB heading into 2020?

The Kansas City Chiefs brought home a Super Bowl title earlier this year off of strong performances from players on both sides of the ball. But, perhaps the most key part of that was having one of the league's best quarterbacks at the helm.

Entering the 2020 season, the Chiefs make a strong case for having the best quarterback situation in the league.

Here's a look into just how stacked the team is at quarterback this year.

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is the NFL's most quickly rising young players, and easily the league's most exciting quarterback prospect to watch.

In just his first two years of playing in the NFL, Mahomes has won a Super Bowl, also named an MVP and Super Bowl MVP.

So, what is it that makes Mahomes so great?

He's a rare player, one whose play may never be totally replicated by another as continues his journey to becoming one of the best to ever play the game.

The combination of aggressiveness, confidence, high Football IQ, accuracy, playmaking ability and natural athletic talent that just can't be taught set make Mahomes a cut above the rest.

San Francisco inside linebackers coach DeMeco Ryans put it simply when asked if Mahomes had a chance to go down as one of the best ever.

“No. He is gonna be.”

Jordan Ta'amu

The former Ole Miss signal-caller overcame quite a bit to get to where he is now, spending just a few weeks on the Houston Texans practice squad before being cut back in August. Ta'amu told me in an interview earlier this year that the move was an expected one, and that he knew he'd be gone after the injured player he filled in for was back at full capacity.

"I've felt since day one that I was in college that I had NFL talent," Ta'amu said. "I just needed an opportunity to go out there and show them. I know I'm young and still learning, but I feel like that's the plus-side too."

Ta'amu was one of the XFL's best quarterbacks, second only to P.J. Walker of the Houston Roughnecks.

St. Louis BattleHawks coach Jonathan Hayes commended the true dual-threat Ta'amu on not only the athleticism he brings to the table, but for his ability to lead a team. Hayes said at the time he believed that only reps stood between Ta'amu and the next level.

"You can see his leadership growing and how he has a quiet confidence about him, but he’s starting to become more vocal," he said. "That’s one thing that’s been great to watch as it’s nurtured and as it grows with him.”

Chad Henne

The Chiefs have their veteran presence in Henne.

Henne saw time for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins before making his way to Kansas City, and has appeared in a total of 68 games, completing 59.3% of his passes for 12,960 yards, 58 touchdowns and 63 interceptions -- obviously not the ratio you want -- over the course of 10 years in the NFL.

He could serve as a viable backup option, but hasn't seen action in a meaningful regular season game as a starter since 2014 with the Jaguars.

Shea Patterson

Shea Patterson will be, well, Shea Patterson.

The former Michigan Wolverines quarterback who originally started his career at Ole Miss went undrafted, and was the last of 337 players invited to the NFL Combine to be signed by a team.

That's not without reason, either. The quarterback gives teams plenty of reason to be wary, and it wouldn't be surprising if his NFL career ends about as quickly as it begins.

Between his inconsistency and how questionable his decision-making can be, Patterson is a high-risk prospect. But it's certainly not breaking the bank for the Chiefs to give him a chance to develop.

Patterson passed for 3,061 yards, 23 touchdowns and eight interceptions in his final season of college football.

Bottom Line

Mahomes is the NFL's hottest quarterback right now, and he'll be the starter for years to come in Kansas City, barring any surprise circumstances.

Given that Ta'amu, who has drawn comparisons to Mahomes, has a good chance at becoming a strong long-term backup, the Chiefs should have one of the best overall quarterback situations in the NFL for several years.

It will be interesting to see if Ta'amu slides into that backup role this year, or if Henne serves one more season behind Mahomes in 2020.

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