• Jeff Schmidt

Ryan Leaf's emotional Tweet from the set of NFL Live proves that we can all become better people

When you hear the name Ryan Leaf, what is the first thought that comes to mind?

NFL draft bust?

Drug addict?


All three are fair considering his past, but what you should know is that the former quarterback has done a full 180 on his life and is working hard to change that perception .

Leaf tweeted out a photo of himself on the set of NFL Live from earlier today and told his story in a mere 140 characters. To go from the lowest of low's to his current gig at ESPN is truly remarkable.

Take a look at the tweet:

Leaf's story is one that could (and should) be made into a Hollywood script one day. Many people have gone down dark path that Leaf once went through and his story could be used to inspire those people to change for the better.

It is awesome to see Leaf doing so well and we we wish him nothing but success here at Football Alliance!

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