• Jeff Schmidt

REPORT: University of Cincinnati cancels April 10 spring football game due to coronavirus threat

According to a release by GoBearcats.com, the University of Cincinnati has already canceled their spring football game scheduled for April 10 due to coronavirus concerns.

While there are currently no confirmed cases of coronavirus on UC's campus, the university is taking precautionary measures after Gov. Mike DeWine recommended that all sporting events that would take place in indoor facilities in the state of Ohio take place without spectators.

While it may seem irrational for the university to cancel the event so early in advance, it is hard to blame them for doing so as well due to the growing concerns of the virus.

A number of large outdoor events such as South by Southwest festival and Boston's St Patrick's Day parade have already been canceled due to COVID-19.

Unless something drastically changes over the next few weeks, we can certainly expect more sporting events to be postponed or canceled by coronavirus.

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