• Jeff Schmidt

Jerry Jones will be making draft picks alone from his home with no one there to stop him

Jerry Jones is going to have the final say on who the Dallas Cowboys draft this weekend and there is nothing anyone in the organization can do to stop him.

The Cowboys 77-year-old owner and general manager won't have his son Stephen or anyone in the Cowboys organization there in person to talk him out of any craziness on draft night, which could cause some chaos.

This quote alone from Stephen Jones should cause some concern:

“I think we can be very efficient and very effective in terms of communicating with one another, whether it’s Jerry with Will, Mike and myself all in one room or one meeting room or meeting with one of us on the phone, we have our lines to one another,” Stephen Jones said. “I think everybody can have their opinion ... At the end how it always works is Jerry will put all of that into his computer and he ultimately makes the final call.”

Jones has been know to want to make some wild calls in the past, including trying to draft Johnny Manziel in 2014 despite not having a need at quarterback with Tony Romo fully entrenched. Luckily for Cowboys nation, Stephen Jones was there to stop him.

That won't be the case tonight.

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