• Jeff Schmidt

If an Aaron Rodgers trade were to happen, only two destinations make sense

Get ready folks......We are in for months and months of Aaron Rodgers drama.

The Packers decision to trade up in the first round to take the future Hall of Famer's replacement was arguably the biggest head scratching move of the draft and it is going to dominate the news cycle for the foreseeable future.

The quarterback has every right to be upset (though he hasn't said anything publicly to suggest he is), even though the Packers drafted him while Brett Favre was still firmly entrenched as the Packers starting QB back in 2005.

Favre and Rodgers have built a relationship over the years and Favre recently said that Aaron Rodgers was 'surprised' that the Packers drafted Jordan Love.

Favre also stated that he believes that Rodgers will finish his career in a different uniform.

While no trade of any sort appears to be on the horizon, it is certainly not farfetched to imagine one happening.

Aaron Rodgers is thinking about playing past 40, so any team that would trade for him would theoretically have him for at least three to four seasons.

Is that worth the investment?

For the following two teams, in 1000% is.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers made it to the Super Bowl this past season with Jimmy Garoppolo, but I am not so certain that the 49ers will be as good in 2020. The NFC West is arguably the NFL's toughest division and a down year could push the 49ers to look at other options. Garoppolo is still just 28 years old, so the 49ers could deal him for assets before making a move on Rodgers.

Las Vegas Raiders

Jon Gruden coaching Aaron Rodgers in Sin City. This would be a dream scenario for both the Raiders and the NFL.

The Raiders can cut Derek Carr in 2021 and save almost $20 million and Marcus Mariota wouldn't stop them from going after Rodgers.

Gruden has always had a crush on the Packers QB and the opportunity to coach him would be too much to pass up.

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