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7 Trades involving NFL Stars That We’d Love to See on NFL Draft Night

Trent Williams to the Cleveland Browns

Trent Williams is going to get traded tonight, but where will the former All-Pro tackle go?

The Browns, Jets, Vikings, Giants and about 20 other teams need a tackle, but how many want a veteran on the wrong side of 30 who did not play a season ago?

That leaves the Browns and Vikings as the top two contenders (In my humble opinion) with the Browns being the more desperate of the two.

Cleveland has already made a few splashes this offseason, why not one more?

What a hypothetical deal may look like:

Redskins trade Trent Williams & No. 162

Browns trade No. 41 and No. 115

Andy Dalton to the New England Patriots

Will the New England Patriots really go into 2020 with just Jarrett Stidnam and Brian Hoyer at quarterback?

Conventional wisdom would suggest otherwise, but who the hell knows what Bill Belichick is thinking.

Andy Dalton is extremely underrated and would be the perfect bridge quarterback for the Patriots. New England could draft another developmental quarterback or allow Dalton to help groom Stidham for the future.

This deal would seem to allow the Patriots to be in contention once again in 2020.

What a hypothetical deal may look like:

Bengals trade Andy Dalton

Patriots trade No. 125 & No. 230

Yannick Ngakoue to the New York Giants

You should know by now that Yannick Ngakoue wants out of Jacksonville.

The star defensive lineman has been extremely vocal on Twitter about his desire to be traded or released, which has put the Jaguars in a tough spot.

Enter the Giants.

The team is in desperate need of pass rushers and they have been rumored to be a team that wants to trade back.

This scenario from #DraftTwitter looks like a win-win for both parties so let’s just get this one done.

What a hypothetical deal may look like:

Jaguars trade No. 9, No.41 & Yannick Ngakoue

Giants trade No. 4 & No. 150

Jamal Adams to the Dallas Cowboys

This would be the blockbuster of all blockbusters.

The Jets arguably have the most incomplete roster in football and they could net a huge return for one of the best players in the NFL.

Jerry Jones will make the Dallas Cowboys’ pick alone from home, so who the hell knows what will happen?

What a hypothetical deal may look like:

Jets trade Jamal Adams

Cowboys trade No. 17, No. 83, 2021 2nd round pick

JuJu Smith-Schuster to the San Francisco 49ers

According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk,the Steelers mobilized, letting multiple reporters know that Smith-Schuster won’t be traded to the 49ers. However, this doesn’t stop us from imagining how fun this would make the 49ers offense.

Smith-Schuster was plagued by a revolving door of mediocre quarterbacks last season, which significantly decreased his production from his 1,400-yard, 7 touchdown campaign in 2018.

Kyle Shannahan would get the most out of the receiver who has the ability to line up all over the field and this deal would give the Steelers a pick in the 1st round after dealing their pick to the Dolphins for Minkah Fitzpatrick.

What a hypothetical deal may look like:

Steelers trade Juju Smith-Schuster & No. 124

49ers trade No. 31 & No. 156

O.J. Howard to the Washington Redskins

In a draft that doesn’t have that elite TE prospect that we’ve seen the past few years, the Redskins go after a former first round pick that has a ton of upside.

Dwayne Haskins needs help in Washington and what better way to do that by giving him a security blanket over the middle. Eric Ebron was considered a bust until he got a fresh start in Indy, could a change of scenery turn O.J. Howard into a star?

What a hypothetical deal may look like:

Redskins trade No. 66

Bucs trade O.J. Howard

Leonard Fournette to the Seattle Seahawks

Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny are solid options when healthy, but who knows if both can stay on the field for an entire season.

Enter Leonard Fourtnette who could become Seattle’s modern day version of beast mode.

Fournette is underrated as pass catcher and we wonder how good he could actually be with a quarterback who can actually throw the football.

What a hypothetical deal may look like:

Jaguars trade Leonard Fournette

Seahawks trade No. 101 & No. 214

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